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We are proud of the environment we have been gifted with and are able to protect
and improve at White Sands Tonga...

In recent years, one of the values becoming more important and being practised, is to
clean and protect the environment. As time progresses, new initiatives have been
explored, proposed and put into action, bit by bit, producing a much cleaner countryside
that Tongan people can be proud of. This enhances the great asset of the productivity
of the soil and combined with their clever use of resources the land provides food for
all the population and more.

Each season, usually July / August onwards, the first pod of whales swim past playfully
as they travel north towards Vava'u.
Our environment includes fresh sea air
The beach and gardens are refreshing in natural beauty
The beach faces the sunset west coast with almost 180deg views
On cloudless days, we can boast glorious sunsets over the horizon
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Whale watching in season as Pods of Whales swim past just outside the reef
Seclusion and exclusiveness
The grounds are about three and a half acres, with a long beach frontage to a picturesque lagoon facing due west.
The lagoon has some safe swimming spots during a short time each side of low tide, along with some natural
beautiful swimming holes. The lagoon also offers some wonderful and colourful coral heads for visual enjoyment for
those who can walk carefully at low tide.
Seclusion and exclusiveness

A full moon lit dawn morning looking
onto the beach front, across the
lagoon out to the Pacific Ocean.
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