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Beach Conservation Plan, Gardens and Whale Watching. (In season)

We have preserved the beach for conservation of its sands in a clean and environmentally sensitive manner; by
ensuring that only clean activities that do not damage the sand embankment are held; there is no removal of
sand, patapata or maka from the beach and water frontage; no fires are lit on the sand which would
contaminate the sand; the general beach area is protected from overuse other than by normal foot traffic
from visitors.

We have established plantings of coconut palms, Toa trees, other native coastal plants and grasses on the
beach front where possible, with the aim to help conserve the sands from erosion. We also carry out regular
cleans of the sand and beach front to remove any sea borne man made rubbish that may accumulate, or any
litter dropped by other occasional not so thoughtful casual visitors to the beach.
Papaya or Pawpaw tree in fruit
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