Be looked after by our
friendly island staff
Learn about the culture
Discuss their experiences
Have a morning
Relax  with a sea view
Sip a cool one of your
Reef walking
Lagoon pool bathing
Lagoon Snorkeling
Reef Deep sea snorkeling (for the
experienced strong swimmer)
Simply swim or cool off in the pool
Enjoy a book or magazine relaxing
by the pool
Listen to the waves breaking on
the reef
Play volley ball on the lawn
Practise your basket ball shots
Bounce on the Trampoline
Lounge in a hammock
White Sands Beach Resort Tonga
White Sands Beach Resort has been established at 'Utukehe Beach in Fo'ui, it is
situated approximately 20 - 25 minutes by car from Nuku'alofa.

We have a Fale style outdoor setting situated beside a group of large historic Futu
trees. (A Tongan native tree similar to a Magnolia). These trees have splendid
delicate pink and white flowers which float to the ground when it rains. This event
occurs when in season, which is a good part of the year.

We offer a resort with quietness, away from the rush and hustle. No large bars and
restaurants, night clubs and meals for masses of people. Just the sound of the
sea, the breeze, a few birds, perhaps a local fisherman or two on the reef.

The resort has Internet when wireless services are operating and available, usually
subject to weather.

Telephone services are available for hire or can be purchased in Nuku'alofa.
Suggested Fun
Telephone Contacts
+ (676) 868 9383
+ (676) 878 9383
The facilities include six units and each has tiled floors, king size bed, fridge, lounge and dining furniture. Each unit has its own
separate bathroom which is tiled wall to ceiling and has hot and cold running water with a hand basin, shower and toilet.

The general theme of this resort is one of creating an environment that feels safe, warm and friendly for guests. Kindness is a
natural part of the culture of the Tongan people. This enhances the resort as a private, safe place to stay while you visit Tonga. A
guest kitchen is established for those that wish to cook up their own meals if they so prefer. Otherwise catering can be arranged
or you can eat out at your leisure. Taxis are but a call away or rental cars are available for hire from Nuku'alofa. You may need to
visit the ministry of Transport to pay a fee for obtaining a car temporary license.

A sparkling blue swimming pool is established in the grounds. The lagoon has some safe swimming spots during a short time
each side of low tide. There are some natural beautiful swimming holes, just the right depth with sand covered bottoms. The
lagoon also offers some wonderful and colourful coral heads for visual enjoyment for those who can walk carefully at low tide.
We recommend though that you always have footwear on the reef for your personal safety.

Gardens surrounding the existing buildings enhance the local and sub-tropical theme of the beautiful plants of the South Pacific
attracting native birds adding to the enjoyment. There is a choice of outdoor seating areas to relax on to soak up the clean air
and open sea views. The large trees in the centre of the beach front area offer a large pool of shade for those hottest of days and
at night can be lit up to show off the mass of foliage.
A swimming pool is on site and guests are welcome to use the pool if they prefer to enjoy fresh water bathing instead of the
lagoon waters.
The lagoon has some safe swimming spots during a short time each side of low tide, along with several natural beautiful
swimming holes. It also offers some wonderful and colourful coral heads for visual enjoyment for those who can walk carefully
at low tide.
Note that for safety concerns a swift moving channel exists in the centre of the beach front, which may pose a hazard to
swimmers who do not take care.
Hammocks, beach lounges, chairs and various other relaxing equipment such as barbecues are available.
Other planned specific activities may include open air relaxing massages and beach front weddings.
Food preparation, bar operation, bike riding, car rental and other facilities will be contracted out if available.
Beach Front Vacation or Holiday
Accommodation in Tonga.